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What We Do

Welcome to Abuza Beauty Spa

Abuza Beauty Spa is a treasured refuge for relaxation situated in the beautiful kingdom of Swaziland. Our soothing sanctuary is home to signature spa treatments and salon services. From messages to stimulating beauty skin care treatments, our luxurious spa offers a comprehensive lineup of restorative services.
The Main Services we provide
  • Massage Services
  • Facial Treatments
  • Body Treatments
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Hair Treatments

Some Of Our Treatments

We only provide the best for you

What's Popular Today

We provide a lot packs to choose from

Full Set (Tips) Gel

E 200.00Time Dur : 20 - 30 min

Full Set (Sculpture)

E 220.00Time Dur : 20 - 30 min

Full Set Acrylic

E 150.00Time Dur : 20 - 30 min